What Causes Hemorrhoids to Itch?

by admin on December 2, 2010

I Have a Itchy and Burning Sensation Around my Anus. Why do Piles or Hemorrhoids Itch? What are the Home Remedies that Subside Swollen Hemorrhoids? 

Itchy or burning sensation around the anus is a symptom of Hemorrhoids. 

Hemorrhoids are enlarged, swollen veins that can occur either inside (internal hemorrhoids), outside (external hemorrhoids), or around the anus. External hemorrhoids are often the most painful. 

Hemorrhoid Symptoms 

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include occasional throbbing pain, itching, burning sensation, bright red blood on toilet paper or stool, or a lump of soft tissue protruding outside of the anus.  

Although many people have hemorrhoids, not all experience symptoms. The most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids is bright red blood covering the stool, on toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. However, an internal hemorrhoid may protrude through the anus outside the body, becoming irritated and painful. This is known as a protruding hemorrhoid.Symptoms of external hemorrhoids may include painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus that results when a blood clot forms. This condition is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.   

In addition, excessive straining, rubbing, or cleaning around the anus may cause irritation with bleeding and/or itching, which may produce a vicious cycle of symptoms.  

So What Causes Itchy Hemorrhoids? Why Do Hemorrhoids Itch? 

It is the ‘Draining mucus’ that causes Hemorrhoids to itch. Also the other causes might include irritatation of the mucus membrane lining in the anal canal into producing excess mucus in order to lubricate the area. This mucus escapes the anal sphincter, gets onto the skin surrounding it on the outside, and dries there. This both dries out and irritates the area. 

In addition, the demand that an inflamed internal hemorrhoid puts upon the surrounding blood vessels can cause feelings of itching and burning as more blood moves faster, causing minute swelling throughout the entire area. 

Finally, a sufficiently large internal hemorrhoid can cause extremely low-grade fecal incontinence, which of course causes itching and burning both from the fecal matter drying on external skin and the possible rash and infection that fecal incontinence can bring. 


How to Treat Itchy Hemorrhoids? 

Your best bet is crystal soak remedy and eating five roots – Chinese Fargei method.  The treatment consists of taking a mixture of 5 different roots, and eating a combination of five different fruits and vegetables once a week which aid the digestive system. 

Because i have been there and tried everything from preparation h to rubber band ligation to sclerotherapy to IR coagulation, and got rid of those horrible painful hemorrhoids only with Holly Hayden’s H Miracle. Venapro also worked very well…but i found it a bit costlier. 


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